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Recognizing the educational and support needs of perinatal providers, family advocates, and parent leadersPreemie Parent Alliance has partnered with the National Perinatal Association’s (NPA) Family Advocacy Network to host a series of webinars.


Please enjoy these free webinars throughout the rest of this year.

The PPA + NPA global webinar series recognizes and honors the work of NICU Parent Leaders and Providers around the world. 

In this series, we will learn about unique NICU experiences in different countries, identify their most pressing challenges, and discover what is universal to NICU families experiences – no matter where they live.

    • Learn about the NICU experience in different countries.
    • Understand the major issues facing NICU parents depending on where their child is born.
    • Discover commonalities among NICU parents around the world.

Kylie Pussell – Miracle Babies Foundation

Kylie is a NICU Parent Advocate, Mum to 3 surviving miracle babies, and CEO of Miracle Babies Foundation and Counsellor.

She never imagined the struggles she would have to endure to have her family.

Australian hospitals are currently experiencing several new builds of our NICU’s. Our voice is raising awareness to make sure the new builds are designed for Family Integrated Care and more parental inclusion/needs. We are lobbying for national access for all babies to receive mother’s own breast milk and improved education and support in hospitals for mother’s and all babies to have access to donor breast milk.

Reach out and access support, having a baby born preterm or critically ill can be very traumatic and life changing.”

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Fabiana Bacchini – Canadian Premature Babies Foundation

When Fabiana’s second child was born at just 26 weeks gestational, her life was forever changed.

Being part of the Family Integrated Care program led her to the extensive volunteering in the NICU at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. She is an ambassador of Family Integrated Care, also known as FICare.

Fabiana is also on the board of directors at the Canadian Premature Babies Foundation. She is a journalist and the published author of From Surviving to Thriving, a Mother’s Journey Through Infertility, Loss and Miracles.

“Your involvement in the care of your baby is important. You are not alone.

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Simone Rosito – Instituto Pequenos Grandes Guerreiros

Simone is the president and founder of Sao Paulo-based Instituto PGG. She is the auntie of premature twins born at 32 weeks.

In Brazil, the main challenge is the deficit in NICU beds. You are lucky if you actually get a place in the NICU. Generally, there is very little support for families during a long stay in the NICU. 

So we offer free, specialized, nation-wide psychological assistance to families of babies affected by Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) so that they are better equipped to deal with the challenges of having a sick baby.

“You are not alone.

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Habi Bah – Little Survivor of the Gambia

Habi Bah is a mother, a student, and an activist. She is an advocate for children, youth, young women, premature babies, and infants with pediatric congenital heart conditions.

The NICU in Ghana where she had given birth to her twin sons was a normal room with more than 50 premature babies and there was less than the required incubators needed for the preemies to use. 

Her surviving son battled a complex case of a hole in his heart and won. He is now 4 years old.

“Alway practice kangaroo mother care; it is the key to your child’s survival. 


Mandy Daly – Irish Neonatal Health Alliance

Mandy is a member of the Executive Council of the Irish Neonatal Health Alliance. She is also a parent of a preterm infant born in 2006 soon after Mandy went into preterm labour on an airplane flight. She then drove 200 miles to a tertiary unit where she gave birth to her daughter who spent 80 days in the Neonatal intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“You have the right to be your infants parent regardless of the location. You are his/her voice and you deserve to be supported in your parenting role such that you will be competent and confident in your parenting ability at discharge. It is imperative the HCPS and support organisations work to meet this goal if we are to see preterm infants meet their full potential.

Irish Neonatal Health Alliance



PPA + FAN Webinar Series

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We’re offering free, on-demand access to the following webinars in our collaborative series. 

Caring for the Caregiver: Self Care for Peer Mentors

NICU psychologist and developmental specialist, Cheryl Milford, has been at the leading edge of perinatal caregiving for the last 30 years. Hear her perspective on how we can best address our unique needs as parent leaders and peer mentors....

Is Baby Friendly Family Friendly?

Presented by Sara Mosher, RN, BSN, MHA of Patient+Family Care where we discussed how the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and upcoming guidance for NICUs impact perinatal care practices and affect the quality of care and support given to NICU babies and their...

Understanding the Basic Components of Trauma Informed Care

Preemie Parent Alliance and National Perinatal Association's Family Advocacy Network's first collaborative webinar "Understanding the Basic Components of Trauma-Informed Care" was presented by PPA member, Kara Wahlin, MFT, preemie mom and...

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Supporting Families & Legal Liabilities: Protecting Your Organization

Supporting Families & Legal Liabilities: Protecting Your Organization Supporting Families & Legal Liabilities: Protecting Your Organization, was hosted by an expert panel of attorneys, Lisa Moore of The Moore Firm and Erin Whaley from Troutman Sanders. You’ve...

Prematurity Awareness Author Panel

Prematurity Awareness Author Panel Features a unique panel discussion with authors Jennifer Degl, Ali Dunn, Dr. Sue Hall, Andy Male, and Jennifer Hentz Moyer. Each author has transformed their personal experiences into literary works providing...

Helping NICU Moms

Helping NICU Moms Discover Their Magic As NICU Parent Leaders who have walked this path, we can share our journeys and guide moms on theirs, equipping NICU mothers with skills and tools that enable them not just to survive the NICU, but thrive...

Voices of Prematurity

A special presentation in honor of Mother’s Day and Parents of Preemies Day. You’ll hear from Deb Discenza of Preemie World, Jennifer Driscoll of Lily’s Hope Foundation, Jenne Johns of Once Upon A Preemie, and Stacey Porter of The Tangerine Owl...

Healthcare Disparities in the NICU

Understanding Health & Healthcare Disparities in the NICU Dr. JaNeen Cross discusses health and healthcare disparities that exist in the NICU. Special focus will be placed on socioeconomic, sociocultural, and geographical factors that influence access and...

Our second webinar was A Roadmap for Improving Your NICUwhere Sue Hall, MD & Kristy Love, a parent support program leader,  illustrated how to use the NPA’s Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents to effectively advocate for change at your hospital.  Unfortunately, Due to unforeseen circumstances, this webinar was not recorded. Please click on the link below to view information on NPA’s Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents.

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