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Recognizing the educational and support needs of perinatal providers, family advocates, and parent leadersPreemie Parent Alliance has partnered with the National Perinatal Association (NPA) to host a series of quarterly webinars.

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A special presentation in honor of Mother’s Day and Parents of Preemies Day. You’ll hear from Deb Discenza of Preemie World, Jennifer Driscoll of Lily’s Hope Foundation, Jenne Johns of Once Upon A Preemie, and Stacey Porter of The Tangerine Owl Project.

The seventh webinar in our collaborative series will feature a presentation by coach, author, and speaker, Kasey Mathews.

As NICU Parent Leaders who have walked this path, we can share our journeys and guide moms on theirs, equipping NICU mothers with skills and tools that enable them not just to survive the NICU, but thrive as a result. 


Prematurity Awareness Author Panel

The sixth webinar in our collaborative series featured a unique panel discussion with authors Jennifer Degl, Ali Dunn, Dr. Sue Hall, Andy Male, and Jennifer Hentz Moyer.

Each author has transformed their personal experiences into literary works providing hope, healing & encouragement for parents and their children who have been affected by preterm birth.


Supporting Families & Legal Liabilities: Protecting Your Organization, was hosted by an expert panel of attorneys, Lisa Moore of The Moore Firm and Erin Whaley from Troutman Sanders. You’ve developed some incredible education materials for your families, is your content protected? You just want to help, why won’t the hospital let you start a support group? What is HIPAA anyway and what does it mean to you? Do you know what your volunteers are saying to families in crisis? We’ll answer these and many more questions on the topics of Intellectual Property & Healthcare Law.


Our fourth webinar, Caring for the Caregiver: Self Care for Peer Mentors. NICU psychologist and developmental specialist, Cheryl Milford, has been at the leading edge of perinatal caregiving for the last 30 years. Hear her perspective on how we can best address our unique needs as parent leaders and peer mentors.In this webinar, we explored ways to provide meaningful support to families who are in crisis without compromising our own mental health and wellbeing.


Our third webinar titled, Is Baby Friendly Family Friendly?, was presented by Sara Mosher, RN, BSN, MHA of Patient+Family Care where we discussed how the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and upcoming guidance for NICUs impact perinatal care practices and affect the quality of care and support given to NICU babies and their families. 


Resources from Sara’s webinar:

Our second webinar was A Roadmap for Improving Your NICUwhere Sue Hall, MD & Kristy Love, a parent support program leader,  illustrated how to use the NPA’s Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents to effectively advocate for change at your hospital.  Unfortunately, Due to unforeseen circumstances, this webinar was not recorded. Please click on the link below to view information on NPA’s Interdisciplinary Recommendations for Psychosocial Support of NICU Parents.

Our first webinar titled Understanding the Basic Components of Trauma-Informed Care launched on March 3rd, 2016 and was presented by Kara Wahlin, LMFT of NICU Healing.

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