Little Giraffe Foundation

Little Giraffe Foundation is dedicated to funding neonatal research aimed at improving quality of life as well as supporting parents and patients of the NICU through our gift giving program of books and comfort items. 

Little Giraffe Foundation

Chicago, Illinois


When we lost our daughter, Cheyenne, we were devastated by the feeling that the world had lost a great person. She was tough and determined, 590 grams of fight, but also a kind and caring little girl. She seemed to constantly worry about her twin brother Evan, even at the expense of her own health. Cheyenne was destined to do great things and when she left us we wanted a way to realize that potential.

On March 28, 2011 we started the Little Giraffe Foundation to share that life with the world. The organization is dedicated to funding neonatal research and supporting patients and parents of the NICU.

It’s an ambitious goal, but in meeting with neonatologists, nephrologists, cardiologists, and the myriad of other doctors in the NICU, we realized there is an opportunity for funding research to impact the quality of life after the NICU.

Additionally, having gone through this experience, we learned that there are parents who could use small things like a book to read to their baby, a camera to take pictures, or a holiday gift so they know they are not forgotten.

Most importantly, we know that Cheyenne would have dedicated her life to doing something to better the world. We want to see that happen.

Little Giraffe Foundation is dedicated to funding neonatal research aimed at improving quality of life as well as supporting parents and patients of the NICU through our gift giving program of books and comfort items. 

Sunday, May 1, 1 pm
Wrigley Rooftops, 3643 Sheffield
Beer, wine, & food are included!
Tickets: $125, thru 3/30, event shirts $12
The Little Giraffe Foundation invites you join us for our 6th Annual Cubs Rooftop Event to benefit neonatal research and NICU families. Advanced tickets are available for only $125, thru 3/30. Shirts for the event can be included in your purchase for an additional $12 each.   Purchase tickets!


April 30, 2016, 9:00 am
The Esplanade
1901 W. Butterfield Road
Downers Grove, IL
Become a Fundraiser!

 Little Giraffe Foundation is an official charity partner for The Human Race presented by Giving GuPage. The Human Race is a 5K/2 Mile Fitness Run/Walk fundraiser event that supports 65+ local charities.

Services we provide


The Little Giraffe Foundation works closely with leaders in neonatal research as well as neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) across the country. If you are need of support, we are happy to review your needs. Please follow the below processes depending on your goals.

Neonatal Research Grants

The Little Giraffe Foundation is looking for top research partners focused in neonatology to improve the quality of care in the NICU, to improve survival rates, and to ensure greater quality of life for those babies once they leave the NICU. Our grant application process is very similar to the March of Dimes, so feel free to reuse this paperwork for your Little Giraffe Foundation application. If you have not yet applied for a March of Dimes research grant you can view the process below to begin the application process. Once your paperwork is completed you can email your request to [email protected].

2016 Little Giraffe Foundation Neonatal Research Initiative Request for Proposals

NICU Support Grants

The Little Giraffe Foundation has partnered with many NICUs and organizations dedicated to supporting NICUs across the country to provide support to NICU patients and their families. We are open to providing funds for everything from rocking chairs to small gifts for each of the families currently spending time in the NICU. For examples of the type of support we have provided in the past, you can see Our Work.

For those requesting funding, please learn more at the link below:

2016 Little Giraffe Foundation NICU Support Request for Proposals



LGF-Supported Research Publications

CLICK HERE to review the list of neonatal research articles that have been supported in part by a Neonatal Research Grant from Little Giraffe Foundation.



The Little Giraffe Foundation is dedicated to supporting neonatal research and helping the parents and patients of the NICU.

Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, you will find questions that are frequently asked about Little Giraffe Foundation. If you have a question about Little Giraffe Foundation, their mission, or want to know more, please feel free to contact Preemie Parent Alliance and we will make sure your question is answered promptly.

What kind of families do you work with?

Little Giraffe Foundation works with the most fragile of families – those who have experienced a premature birth.

What year were you established?

Little Giraffe Foundation was founded in 2011.

What is your organization classification?

We are a non-profit organization

What is the geographical reach of your organization?

Little Giraffe Foundation supports families across the nation.

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