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Graham’s Foundation empowers parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve outcomes for their preemies and themselves.

Graham's Foundation

Perrysburg, Ohio


You found Graham’s Foundation because you or someone you care about is facing the uncertainty and overwhelm that comes with a premature birth. We know the roller coaster that parents of premature babies face. Our twins, Graham and Reece, where born 15 weeks prematurely on Thanksgiving Day 2006. We lost Graham after 45 days and our daughter spent 4 months in the hospital before finally coming home and as we know, bringing your preemie home presents an entirely new set of challenges. As our preemie journey has evolved, so has the work we do at Graham’s Foundation.

We created Graham’s Foundation to empower parents of premature babies through support, advocacy and research to improve outcomes for their preemies and themselves. We are committed to a world where no parent goes through the preemie journey alone.

– jenn & nick

Our mission is to provide support to parents of premature babies.

Graham’s Foundation events are more than just fundraisers. Our annual Golfing for Graham’s Foundation outing and our regular Tinis for Preemies evenings are just some of the signature events that we have created to increase awareness of the severe emotional, physical, and financial toll premature birth takes on moms and dads. The funds we raise at our events enable us to continue to deliver hope, resilience, and miracles to parents of preemies through our care package program and the connections we empower with our mentorship program and online communities.

To make sure that the greatest percentage of incoming funds is put toward helping parents of premature babies and children directly, we depend on sponsors to make our events successful, memorable, and fun. Our events have reached thousands of people since we began hosting them in cities around the US, and the brands that help make them happen have a unique opportunity to engage with new customers at each one. Contact us to learn more about sponsorship opportunities.

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Services we provide


Support for today…designed specifically for the long-term needs of preemies and their parents. In addition to our NICU, transition home, and remembrance care package programs, we have 20 trained parent mentors available 24/7 via email, phone, and text and the market-leading app, MyPreemie. Whenever possible, the support we offer is emotional, intellectual, and practical.

In 2014, we provided peer to peer mentorship to over 100 families and facilitated a highly engaged online community made up of over 25,000 parents and supporters in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, Ireland, South Africa, India, and Mexico. More than 50,000 people used the resources on the Graham’s Foundation website.



Research for the future…representing the priorities and needs of preemies and their families. Our aim is to help shape and support breakthroughs through strategic partnerships focused not only on preemie outcomes, but also family-cohesive care in the NICU and beyond. We represent the needs of preemie parents at conferences around the world attended by neonatologists, neonatal nurses, industry, academics and other professionals who work closely with preemies and their families.

Recognition of the courage and commitment parents of preemies demonstrate as they care for and advocate for their babies and children through efforts such as Parents of Preemies Day. Our aim is to draw worldwide attention to the real, long term costs of prematurity.



Advocacy for tomorrow…that connects organizations, medical professionals, and brands with thousands of preemie parent voices to impact positive change for preemies and their families. Through our active social media communities, we are able to quickly collect self-reported data from parents about their experiences in the NICU and beyond, their level of engagement in their preemies’ care, the support they received, and the partnerships they were able to foster, as well as what they need and want in the hospital and at home.

Frequently Asked Questions


In this section, you will find questions that are frequently asked about Graham’s Foundation. If you have a question about Graham’s Foundation, their mission, or want to know more, please feel free to contact Preemie Parent Alliance and we will make sure your question is answered promptly.

What kind of families do you work with?

When your preemie is born, you set out on a journey unlike any other. Your baby is struggling to survive or to thrive, and you may feel powerless, afraid, and alone. You have to be your preemie’s advocate and support system, while still somehow taking care of your own needs. Parenting a preemie can be a profoundly difficult and isolating experience, but never assume you are alone. Studies have shown that parents who connect with NICU veterans (virtually or in person) feel less anxiety and depression, which is why we have made it our purpose to ensure that no parent goes through the journey of prematurity alone.

What year were you established?

Graham’s Foundation was founded in 2009 by Jennifer and Nick Hall in memory of their son, Graham.

What is your organization classification?

Graham’s Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit


What is the geographical reach of your organization?

Graham’s Foundation reaches families across the globe, supporting them as they make the journey through NICU life.

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