About Us

What Is The Preemie Parent Alliance?

Preemie Parent Alliance is a network of organizations offering support to families of premature infants. To ensure best outcomes for preemie families, the Preemie Parent Alliance is dedicated to representing the needs and best interests of preemie families in all facets of healthcare policy, care guidelines, advocacy, education and family support. As a national network we are establishing a unified parent voice to advocate for infants, who cannot speak for themselves, and their families. Together, we represent thousands of NICU and bereaved families across the country.

Meet Our Members

Since 2012, the Preemie Parent Alliance has grown to include over 30 member organizations across the country; each serving NICU families in their own unique way. Each member organization is led by a NICU parent who turned their own trauma into hope and empowerment for other NICU parents. These leaders come from all backgrounds including business, marketing & communications, non-profit & public health, advocacy & education – to name just a few.
The tie that binds us all is the unique experience of having a child born critically ill. At the heart of what each member does, there lies an undeniable vision that one day we would live in a world where every NICU parent feels supported and has easy access to quality resources and information.

Lily’s Hope Foundation is a proud member of the Preemie Parent Alliance.  It’s been wonderful to be associated with other parents like myself and my husband, who had similar experiences with our premature children but then turned that challenge into an amazing outreach.  PPA is a special group of people dedicated to their families and giving strength to other families.  I have viewed PPA almost as a “Chamber of Commerce” within this unique and strong community that provides validation for our non-profit and shows us that we are not alone in our experiences.

Jen Driscoll

Lily's Hope Foundation

The Preemie Parent Alliance is truly special. It’s the only organization that brings together members from the cooperate sector, nonprofit leaders, advocates and medical providers, for the purpose of collaboration. The PPA encourages all of these groups to share their successes and failures and to share their knowledge so that neonatal health care can improve, and families of premature babies can be better supported. It’s one of a kind.

Jennifer Degl

Author of From Hope to Joy: A Memoir of a Mother's Determination and Her Micro Preemie's Struggle to Beat the Odds