Announcing Staff Education Modules!!

Supporting NICU Staff and Families

through the NICU Experience.


“Caring for Babies and Their Families: Providing Psychosocial Support in the NICU,”  is a 7-module online continuing education series. Modules provide much-needed staff training and education to improve psychosocial support and family-centered developmental care. The courses bring research and parent voice to the forefront simultaneously to deliver the only education of it’s kind to the NICU professional space.


Who Are We?


Our Organizations are dedicated to representing the needs and best interests of preemie families in all facets of healthcare policy, care guidelines, advocacy, education and family support. As a national network we are establishing a unified parent voice to advocate for infants, who cannot speak for themselves, and their families.

Developmental & Family-Centered


care are widely recognized as the gold standard for care in the NICU.

At the center of this is the parent – the keystone of the team.




Providing insight only a parent can share. PPA represents leaders who have turned NICU experience into organizations and companies touching the lives of preemie families everywhere.


By collaborating and engaging with stakeholders in the Maternal Child Health Community, PPA members are committed to ensuring our most fragile population has every opportunity to thrive.


Connect with professional organizations and stakeholders in the Maternal Child Health Community.Network with like-minded parent leaders, share best practices, mentoring opportunities & meaningful relationship building. 

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Speakers Bureau

We are the ONLY speakers bureau comprised solely of preemie parents, offering first-hand knowledge and experience that providers, educators, and other health care workers cannot get anywhere else. Our unique perspectives will ensure your next event is memorable and informative.


A library of tools for registered members to help strengthen and expand the operation of your organization.

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NICU Parent’s Bill of Rights

The NICU Parent’s Bill of Rights is a list of ten essential rights that all NICU parents should expect during their child’s NICU stay. This collaborative project was developed to help address and break down barriers that often prevent NICU parents from bonding with their baby and playing an active role in their daily care. In order to care for a medically fragile infant after the NICU, parents must feel empowered, competent and capable of being their baby’s advocate and caregiver. Therefore, they must be encouraged and supported throughout their baby’s NICU journey.
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The Preemie Parent Alliance hosts a quarterly webinar series in partnership with the National Perinatal Association (NPA). Subscribe to receive information about future webinars in our collaborative series.
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